Stats and Roles


This page is intended to explain all the attributes that appear on the Crew Cards page. It also explains the crew roles, and gives a list of the “best” rated crew for each role.

Main Block

  • Crew Name – the name of the crew!
  • Gems under crew – the rarity of the crew. Crew rarities are
    • Common – 1 gem
    • Elite – 2 gem
    • Unique – 3 gem
    • Epic – 4 gem
    • Hero – 5 gem
    • Special – 1 shield
    • Legendary – 1 emblem with wings
  • Crew flavor text appears under the crew rarity

Core Stats

well, that and your HP…
  • HP – the amount of health the crew has
  • Attack – the amount of damage the crew does to enemy crew or rooms once per second, if they’re standing still
  • Repair – the amount of room health the crew fixes per second, if they’re standing still. This also affects how fast they put out fires.
  • Ability – the type and strength of the crew’s ability. More information here.

Room Stats

  • For all room stats, the formula for how much they speed up room reloads is here under “Reload Formula” and “Dodge Formula” (for engine). Keep crew in rooms that they boost! You can see what stat boosts each room by going to the profile page for that room in the game. Reactors cannot be boosted at all.
  • Weapon – boosts lasers, missiles, AA, and cannons
  • Science – boosts the shield rooms, teleport, cloak, radar, and the Photon Phaser and Photon Disruptor even though they’re lasers
  • Pilot – boosts the hangar, and your escape chance while in the bridge
  • Engine – boosts droid rooms, and dodge chance while in an engine

Utility Stats

  • Walk/Run Speed – the first number is the base speed the crew walks at, and the second number is the speed they walk at while they have Stamina. Each point of stamina allows the crew to run for one second. No crew has stamina initially, but it can be given through training or items. Note that crew with the same walk/run numbers do not benefit at all from stamina.
  • Fire Resist – this reduces the damage a crew will take from fire. Fire resist over 100% (which can be done through items) will heal crew standing in fire by the amount over 100%. I know, it’s crazy.
  • Training Points – the number of percentage improvements that can be gained through training in the gym or with training consumables
  • Collection – crew collections provided a special passive ability when you have a certain number of distinct crew from that collection (two of the same crew don’t count towards this bonus). More information is here.
  • Equipment – crew can only equip one item in each of the listed slots. Some crew can not equip any items.


There are generally eight crew roles, and a grade for how good a crew is at each role. The crew card only displays roles for which a crew is at least average. While some crew can perform multiple roles, you’ll usually end up picking one role for a crew to focus on, so that you can train and gear them to be the best they can be at that role.

The Grades

  • Best – This crew can fill an end-game position on your ship completing this role. Among the “best” crew there may still be benefits and drawbacks of one crew over another, but you will be on the right track if you’re using this crew.
  • Good – This crew can fill this role, and will do passably well through the mid-game. However they won’t be in your final lineup if you’re choosing an ideal list of crew to prestige.
  • Average – This crew is OK at this role. In the early game, you may have most crew be average, but look to replace them slowly with better crew.
  • Poor – If a crew has no listed roles for Best, Good, or Average, then they’re poor at all roles. Throw them off your ship soon to reduce the cost for you to draw new crew (unless you have a planned prestige path).

How many crew of each role?

It’s difficult to say exactly how many crew for each role you’ll want on your ship. It highly depends on your ship strategy, and the general strengths of your crew. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Always have 2-3 dedicated repairers. As your crew capacity grows near 20, you’ll want 4-6 repairers. If you are a more defensive ship, have more repairers.
  • If you are boarding, try to board 3-5 crew. Less than 3 and it doesn’t seem worth it to have the teleport room on your ship. More than 5 and you likely won’t get them all over to the enemy ship before your teleport is destroyed or EMP’d. As you get rushers to rush over your boarders, you can use more. Boarder droids can complement your own boarders once you reach ship level 8.
  • Have about as many shield crew (scientists) as you have shield room spaces: 2-3 depending on your crew capacity. If you add the SB (shield battery) later, use 4-5.
  • Scientists can also be used in an offensive fashion, to boost the PP or PD guns and take the enemy shield down quickly, or to boost the TLP and board your crews quickly.
  • The rest of your crew not allocated above should be gunners. Gunners are the most important crew for damaging the enemy ship. If you have an aggressive strategy, you can remove shield crew allocated above and have more gunners.
  • If you are an aggressive ship, more of your crew should dual role as rushers, since the rush ability helps you early in the battle. If you’re defensive, more crew should have healing abilities (first aid, healing rain) that help them stay alive.
  • If you struggle against teleport ships, make more of your crew dual-role as antiboarders. Avoid dedicated antiboarders who don’t have any room stats, since they’ll be useless if the enemy ship does not have a teleport.

Relevant abilities are listed in order of relevance or importance. Alternate or backup roles the crew has may make other abilities relevant.


Relevant abilities: Healing Rain, First Aid
Secondary role dependent: Rush (Rusher), Cryo Blast (Antiboarder), Critical Attack (Antiboarder), Poison Gas (Antiboarder), Urgent Repair (Repairer)
Gunners boost lasers, missiles, AA, and cannon rooms using the weapon stat and are the main way to increase the DPS of your ship.


Relevant abilities: Healing Rain, First Aid
Secondary role dependent: Cryo Blast (Antiboarder), Critical Attack (Antiboarder), Poison Gas (Antiboarder), Rush (Rusher), Urgent Repair (Repairer)
Scientists boost your shield rooms, teleport, cloak, radar, and the Photon Phase and Photon Disruptor, even though they’re lasers. Scientists will mostly man your shield rooms, but you can have them man the PP/PD while the enemy ship has shield, or your TLP while you have boarders to beam across. If you’re using a pen spam strategy, you’ll want scientists in your cloak for damage mitigation.


Relevant abilities: Healing Rain, First Aid
Secondary role dependent: Rush (Rusher), Urgent Repair (Repairer), Cryo Blast (Antiboarder), Critical Attack (Antiboarder), Poison Gas (Antiboarder)
Engineers boost your droid rooms and the dodge chance for missiles while in your engine. Unless you’re a highly defensive ship trying to achieve a high dodge rate, you won’t need any engineers.


Relevant abilities: Rush (Rusher), Healing Rain, First Aid
Secondary role dependent: Urgent Repair (Repairer), Cryo Blast (Antiboarder), Critical Attack (Antiboarder), Poison Gas (Antiboarder)
Pilots boost the launch speed of the hangar (not the fire rate of craft), and the escape chance while in your bridge. Early game a few pilots can help launch craft quickly, but in mid/late game you’ll want to rush out crafts with rush crew so you can turn off the hangar and save the power.


Relevant abilities: Healing Rain, First Aid, Urgent Repair
Secondary role dependent: Rush (Rusher), Cryo Blast (Antiboarder), Critical Attack (Antiboarder), Poison Gas (Antiboarder)
Repairers fix damaged rooms and help put out fires. They are critical to keep your ship functioning and good repair AI is the best way to improve your ship. Most repairers are “tanky” with lots of HP so that they can survive incoming fire, fire resist is very useful for limiting damage taken through fire.


Relevant abilities: Rush
Rushers can instantly charge a room by the percentage of their rush ability. The rush ability is excellent on rooms with a long cooldown like EMP, ION, TLP, and HAN. Any rush over 100% is wasted so try to avoid multiple crew over-rushing a room at the same time. Rush AI can get complicated! Crew with 45% rush can reach 100% rush with great training and expensive gear, while crew with 50% rush only need good training and gear. The few crew with 55% rush are pretty easy to get to 100% and may have training points left over to boost other stats.


Relevant abilities: Poison Gas, System Hack, First Aid, Ultra Dismantle, Cryo Blast, Arson, Critical Attack, Healing Rain
Secondary role dependent: Boarders have a second role corresponding to their highest room boost stat, if you want them to return to your ship when damaged.
Boarders use the teleport to board the enemy ship and destroy rooms. All you need in the AI is a command to tell crew to target an enemy room, and they’ll automatically go to your teleport. The best end-game boarders have the emp perk (currently Ardent and SavySoda collections) since it makes them immune to mines. Boarders are generally split into tanks (with first aid) that are meant to absorb antiboarder’s abilities, and the damage boarders who board afterwards and can use their abilities.


Relevant abilities: Cryo Blast, Critical Attack, Poison Gas, First Aid, Healing Rain
Secondary role dependent: Antiboarding IS the secondary role
Antiboarders are important to combat ships that use lots of boarders. Most of the time, you’ll want your crew to dual-role as antiboarders and another role, so that they have a main job if the enemy ship does not board at all.

Prestige Options

Combining the crew on the crew card with another specific crew of the same rarity will give you the crew listed in this section. Crew possibilities are only listed if the crew is rated “best” in one or more roles, so that you can quickly see which “best” crew you can get through prestige.

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