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This guide was originally written by Rigging, a Trek Federation veteran who put a lot of effort into answering the most common questions asked by players about Pixel Starships. In these pages you will find articles that cover many of the important topics for player progression: strategy, AI, crews, layout, and training. Feedback is much appreciated. If you have suggestions for additions, or spot any mistake(s), feel free to leave a comment below, or contact me directly on Discord (username “Bril”, you’ll find me on both our alliance server: Trek Federation, and on the game’s official hub: PSS Server) or by email (contact@pixelperfectguide.com).

Having retired from the game, Rigging transferred this guide to me in May 2021, and I will do my best to continue maintaining and updating it! As a testimony to his contributions, and to keep a historical record, an archived version of the site will remain available at legacy.pixelperfectguide.com.

Original note from Rigging:

Thank you!

A huge thank you to my amazing wife, who encouraged me to make this guide in the first place. (Wife’s note: I was just hoping writing this guide would help him talk to me about this game less. It didn’t work.) She also added the gifs to this guide, to transform it from a giant wall of text into an enjoyable read.

I would like to thank my clan for teaching me the ropes when I was a beginner. May we all continue to learn and grow together.

This guide stands on the shoulders of bit.ly/AIGuidePSS, whose technical explanations got me hooked on Pixel Starships.

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