Prestige Progression


Crew are divided into rarities:

1* – Common, one star
2* – Elite, two star
3* – Unique, three star
4* – Epic, four star
5* – Hero, five star
6* – Special, one shield (Your starting captain is a special crew.
7* – Legendary, emblem with wings

See these links for an overview of crew stats and crew abilities if you’re not already familiar with them; and use the crew cards page to inspect individual crew. The max level that your crew can be is four times your ship level, for example a level seven ship can have level 28 crew. Make sure that your crew reach max level before you advance to the next ship level!

Early Game “Average” Crew 

When you start out playing Pixel Starships, the way to get crew is through gas and mineral draws (click shop->crew). The cost of these increases for every crew you have of a certain star value, which differs per draw type. If you get common or elite crew, drag them into space and get rid of them! These crew are not useful because they do not have abilities, and keeping them around only raises the cost to draw your next crew. Keep doing gas and mineral draws until you have a good selection of crew. (Do only one bux draw for crew, the first one is a guaranteed Hero rarity crew but it’s not worth it after that.)

What makes a good starting crew? 

  • HP of at least 6. This will allow them to take some enemy fire and survive. 
  • A good ability – rush, poison gas, critical strike, healing rain, and first aid.
  • A science or weapon stat of 14 or more. In the early game, you’ll need primarily gunners and shield crew. (Crew that are meant to board, like zombie, don’t need good room stats since they won’t stay on your ship.)

If you see crew on sales or draw a high tier crew, look at the crew cards page to see if they are good and if they fit a role you need.

The current 3* crew I recommend are below, these are the ones you’ll have the best chance of getting if you do mineral and gas draws. The poison gassers in this list are useful for boarding, and not useful for anything else. Try to acquire four or more zombies or zombieees in case you want to use a boarding strategy.

Mid Game “Good” crew 

As you develop your ship strategy, hopefully it should become more clear the type of each crew you that you’ll need. Instead of looking for 3* crew with 14 or more in the useful stat, you’ll want a stat of 20 or more. Using the crew cards page, try to slowly replace your Average crew with Good crew.

What makes a good crew, in order of importance: 

  • Fits a role you need. A rush crew with good pilot stat is not useful if you don’t have a hangar, or you already have five rushers for your hangar. See this page for general guidelines on the number of crew needed per role.
  • Has nine or more HP. This improves crew survivability and keeps them doing their job for longer. 
  • Ability should be potent. Rush 45+, healing rain 5+, critical attack 10+, poison gas 8+, cryo 240+ 
  • Main stat for their role should be 20+, for example a crew you want as a gunner should have at least 20 weapon stat. Boarders don’t need good room stats. 
  • Has prestige options into higher level crew that you want. See prestige below. This becomes more important when you have all max level 40 crew.
  • Matches a collection that you are trying to build. Collections give certain bonuses, depending on the collection, for each unique member of the collection that you have on your ship.  

There are some exceptions to these guidelines. For example, daft kittus has poor room stats, but is used frequently as an Antiboarder due to their insane critical strike of 17. If you need a very good crew at a certain role, you may have to accept that they won’t be good at anything besides that role.

The first 3+ bux draw will give you a Hero rarity crew! Do this once you have the bux. After that, it’s generally better to wait for crew sales and know what crew you’ll be getting. See the information in bux and dove spending guide about buying crew from sales, and in crew draws. 

Late Game “Best” Crew 

Once you have many level 40 crew, you’ll be willing to sacrifice some to get Legendary crew. Your future crew buys should focus on filling out prestige paths to get “Best” rated crew. Again, use the crew cards to decide what crew to aim for; the roles page lists the crew rated “Best” in each role.


Prestige is the process of combining two crew of the same star level to get one crew of the next higher rarity level. To do this, you’ll need two crew at max level 40, ship level 10, laboratory level 9, and completed Prestige research . The process is deterministic – if you combine two particular crew, you’ll always get the same result crew. However, the crew recipes are changed occasionally by the developer – Savy has announced that recipes will change in January, April, July, and October. These changes historically happen at the beginning of the month, for example July 1st. Check that the result is what you expect before starting each prestige! 

Note that 6* crew are not prestigable. So the path goes 

3* -> 4* -> 5* -> 7* 

3* to 4* takes three days and 500,000 minerals
4* to 5* takes one week and 1,000,000 minerals
5* to 7* takes two weeks and 2,000,000 minerals

Make a long-term prestige plan by choosing the eventual crew that you want to make and then use the tools below to define a path. See what crew you already have, and which ones you’ll still need to acquire.

Pixyship shows crew combinations in a visual format, just click on the picture of any crew from the crew list. Crew cards on this site will show a filtered list of the options, so it will only show “Best” rated crew. The Pixel-Prestige site has a great tool if you have lots of crew and want to work out the best combinations – you can put in all your crew and then see how to get particular target crew.

Or, go to discord and use the dolores bot. You can use “/prestige [crew]” to see what crew you can combine with that crew, and what the result will be. You can use “/recipe [crew]” to see what combinations result in the crew you specified. In general, type “/help” to receive the list of commands.

There is a planner function in the dolores bot, but the functionality is inferior to Pixel-Prestige since it only checks one level of combinations. You can keep a list of your crew in a text file. Then you can use the dolores bot to generate a spreadsheet of possible combinations of crew of the same star level. One command generates an HTML and one an XLS.
“#planner ennui, aaron, abbie, elf, tripod, zhang fei, bad uncle, agay, mistycball, huge hellaloya” – or –
“#plannerxls ennui, aaron, abbie, elf, tripod, zhang fei, bad uncle, agay, mistycball, huge hellaloya”

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