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All droid AI is identical and cannot be changed. Still, droids provide a good supplement to your crew. Droids have the lowest seniority of any crew, so they will not do a job if your crew is assigned to do it as well (if your crew fills up the relevant room). For example, let’s say you have 6 crew with the command “your teleport HP less than 100%, target condition room” and your teleport is getting continually shot. Even if you have service droids in a room next to the teleport, they won’t enter to repair it until 4 crew have tried to repair it and died. This will open up one slot in the teleport, and one service droid will go in to repair. 

Service Droids 

1) None – use ability 
2) Your room HP less than 100% – target condition room 

Service droids have healing rain, which is a great skill to boost your crew survivability. With their command 1, they’ll use their ability as soon as they take damage. My recommendation if you are using service droids is to have two crew max repairing each room type at 100% (I.e. your teleport HP less than 100%, target condition room). This way, for most room types, there is always space for a droid to come join the crew and repair. As soon as the droid is damaged, it will heal the crew in the room. Have your crew be secondary repair at a lower percentage for other rooms so that service droids, if available, will have “priority” to go to the damaged room. You want to keep your crew boosting rooms they are in, and not repairing if you have droids available. If you find that droids can’t keep up with the incoming damage to particular rooms, assign more crew to repair. 

Crew AI for use with droids. Again, only have two crew max with the same room type specified in command 4. 

1) Ability command 
2) Your HP less than 25% – target your teleport 
3) Target room HP less than 100% – continue current job 
4) Your shield room hp less than 100% – target condition room 
5) Your android room hp less than 50% – target condition room 
6) Your laser HP less than 50% – target condition room 
7) None – target your shield room 

Defense Droids 

1) None – use ability 
2) Friendly room has enemy – target condition room

Defense droids have the critical strike ability, which is a great defending ability since it guarantees some damage on the opponent’s boarders. The droid will use this as soon as they enter a room with an enemy crew. Due to seniority issues, you may only want a few of your crew to have “hunt and seek” counter-boarding AI. Your crew will go to attack enemy boarders before your droids will. 

Consider using this AI on your android rooms to produce defense droids when enemy crew exist on your ship. You might get stuck with one or two defense droids after opponent crew have been cleared out, but that’s better than enemy boarders camping on your ship. 

1) None – Increase power by one 
2) Friendly room has enemy – set dearest items (or whatever condition selects your defense droids) 
3) None – set cheapest items (or whatever condition selects service droids) 

Zongzi Droids

1) Your HP < 50% – Use special power
2) Friendly room has enemy crew – Target condition room
3) Friendly room HP < 100% – Target condition room

Zongzi droids have the first aid ability, which can heal up to 3 HP. They have good AI for using this ability; command 1 will make them use their ability when they fall below half health. This droid type can only be built from the zongzi factory, and the zongzi factory can only build zongzi droids. Like other droid rooms, the ZF can support two droids at a time.

Zongzi droids are a mix between defense and service droids, since their AI will make them seek out enemy boarders, and repair your damaged rooms. Because zongzi droids do not require research to get stronger, they are very strong at early levels. In addition, they avoid the problem of choosing to build either defense droids or service droids – zongzi can fulfill both roles! On higher level ships (10+), they do not function as well at either role as maxed service or defense droids. Especially when used in the defense role, they can get annihilated by camping boarders before they do any damage. In comparison, a defense droid has much higher health and will always get their critical strike ability off before they die. When compared to a service droid, the zongzi has 10 effective health (7+3 first aid) whereas the service droid has 11 (6+5 healing rain) and faster walk speed. The service droid ai is worse for using its ability, but it does have the benefit of healing other crew.

Boarder Droids 

1) None – Use ability 
2) Enemy room HP greater than 0% – Target condition room 

Boarder droids have the Ultra Dismantle ability, and at max research can instantly take apart most rooms except reactors. Note, this will make the boarder droid immediately go to a new room since that room’s HP dropped to 0, even if there are crew in the room for him to fight. These droids don’t prioritize fighting the opponent’s crew, but they can be formidable and wear down enemy repairers over a long battle. 

Command 2 means that the boarder droid will target a random enemy room that has health, and once on the enemy ship will go to the next closest room that has health once that one is destroyed. Sometimes they are unlucky and teleport right into a security gate, but other times they get on a good path and destroy three rooms in a row before defense crew reach them. This type of attack is very useful because it resets the reload on all those rooms, and repair crew run behind the droid repairing instead of boosting rooms.

Consider using this AI on your android rooms to produce boarder droids when your teleport has HP. This way if your teleport is being focus fired and the boarder droids are not able to get to the opponent’s ship, you can build service droids instead.

1) None – Increase power by one 
2) Your teleport HP less than 100% – Set cheapest items (or whatever condition selects your service droids) 
3) None – Set dearest items (or whatever condition selects boarder droids) 

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