Daily Missions


With the imminent release of Galaxy Map, this information will become obsolete. I have work planned to identify the missions for each star system.
-rigging 3/15/2020

Below are the possible outcomes for each daily mission. If you find any errors, please email me through the about page. I’ve underlined my personal recommendation for each sector. Many thanks to TagaRose for her invaluable help collecting the information for most of these missions.
As of July 2019 with the release of the galaxy map preview, some missions were added and some were tweaked. I’ve tried to update Altair and Archenar but other planets may not be updated. When the galaxy map fully launches, I expect to have to rework this whole page.

Horse Race

This mission comes as a random interruption when you login. Pick the second option, Stardust. It might be false, but player “The worst” said on PSS Discord that it had slightly higher win chances, based on inspection of the server/client communication. Don’t pick just watch, the potential profit from a synth arm is high.
Your ship stumbles across a ringed gas giant, around which a great many ships have gathered.
Looking closer, you can see that several enterprising bookies have adapted the ring into a horse race track!
Bookie: Come one, come all, who’s the fastest hose of them all?
Winner will get one of these beautiful synth arms!
Place your best! place your bets! Don’t be cheap.

Place Wager on 8. Ballsy
Place Wager on 11. Stardust
Place Wager on 13. Lucky (not)
Just Watch.

Stardust sounds fast, you decide to bet on her. You back hose 11! Why? Nobody knows.

You decide to back good’ol lucky number 13.

Lose: Your horse is off to a spirited start.
Unfortunately it’s one of 16 horses in the race despite you pretending there was only 3.
The other horses outpace you as the match continues and soon you lose all hope of winning.

Lose: As the race starts you notice your horse is farting with each gallop.
Unfortunately the aerodynamic advantage of the thrust from the wind doesn’t compensate for the crippling embarrassment.
It loses miserably.

Win: As the race starts you notice your horse is farting with each gallop. Incredibly the other horses are attracted to the smell and submit to your horse. Your horse wins by default! Disgusting!
1 synth arm

Altair Level 11

From the bridge of your capital ship, you observe the happenings of the nearby system.

SHIP INTERRUPTION – Someone important must have taken issue with your stickybeaking, because suddenly there’s a capital ship on your tail!
Pirate Mothership Level 11
120,000 gas
Wow, they weren’t screwing around. Maybe you should lay low for a while…

GROUND INTERRUPTION – The name you’ve made for yourself comes with a lot of dangers, none more salient than the black ops kill team that materializes on your bridge.
First wave of 10 HP Mecha/11 HP Professor Brenda
Second wave of 10 HP Mecha/11 HP Professor Brenda
Boss 15 HP dark matter hero
1 silicon
The survivors of the failed attack teleport away, leaving you to wait irritably for the next time they try. 

The scanner highlights a few notable locations. 

Altair – Investigate asteroid belt. 

The system’s heavy belt is a well-known haunt for those lying low from the law. You charge shields to maximum and dive into the cascading cloud of stone.

SHIP BATTLE – Suddenly a swarm of scavenger ships descend upon you, the jaws of their holds opening to engulf you. The arcing trails of missiles blaze blue in the void. They’ve opened fire!
Dish Mothership Level 11 
98,000 gas
1 scrap
With the largest of the ships destroyed, the rest turn tail and run. No doubt they’ll regroup and try again soon. 

SHIP BATTLE – As you delve in to the meteor cloud, you make out the silhouette of a large vessel. Alarms go off as you draw in range. It’s a Horizon-class marauder! Everyone, battle stations! 
Horizon Mothership Level 11 
107,000 gas 
1 gold 

GROUND BATTLE – The densely packed stones of the belt can easily hide the movements of a small shuttlecraft. You find this out quite rudely, when a squad of assassins sneaks onboard your ship.
First wave of 10 HP Boarder Droid V/9 HP Boarder Droid IV
Second wave of 10 HP Boarder Droid V/9 HP Boarder Droid IV
Boss 7 HP Masky Lia
80,000 gas
5 bux
You repel the assault, and leave the asteroid belt before anyone else can sneak aboard.

FREE RESOURCES – Although it looked promising from a distance, exploration of the belt yields nothing but endless rocks and dust.
800 mins

Altair – Patrol hypergate portal. 

A steady stream of ships pass through the shimmering gate, zipping back and forth across the charted universe. 

SHIP BATTLE – Gravity waves rock your vessel as a ship drops from hyperspace in close proximity to your ship. Your scanners show its weapons powering up. They seem to be hostile!
Federation Dreadnought Level 10 
88,000 gas

GROUND BATTLE – Everything here seems to be quiet. A little too quiet, perhaps. Suddenly, your intruder alarms go off; a squad of elite assassins has breached your defenses!
First wave of 7 HP Orc/9 HP Mecha/2 HP Bad Vlad
Second wave of 7 HP Orc/9 HP Mecha
Boss 16 HP Zakian Assassin
70,000 gas
1 titanium
You dispatch the assassins, but take little comfort in the the victory. You know that more will be on their way soon enough.

FREE RESOURCES – You hang around the hypergate for a bit, but everyone is being annoyingly well-behaved. Eventually you depart, disappointment rising like bile in your throat.
1,000 gas

FREE RESOURCES – A sudden flurry of activity draws your attention to the head of the line. A meteor sotrm of raw mineral ore blasts from the mouth of the hypergate, scrapping the ships in its path. The damage to property is almost incalculable, the loss of life tragically extensive. On the upside, your mineral extractors have a field day!
40,000 mins
1 carbon

Altair – Patrol high planetary orbit.

A hundred flight paths swoop and intersect across the shimmering shell of the planet’s atmosphere. You zero in on the busiest sectors, eyes peeled for trouble.

SHIP BATTLE – A distress signal draws your attention to a small trade ship, being consumed by a colossal Qtarian dreadnought. As you draw within range, the dreadnought loses interest in the trader, and focuses its effort onto you.
Qtarian Hybrid Dreadnought Level 10
91,000 gas
1 Silicon
You chase the dreadnought off, leaving free trade to flourish. At least, for now.

SHIP BATTLE – Your leisurely patrol is interrupted by the appearance of a strange vessel. It swoops in to attack, a horrible interstice of metal and flesh. Some new Visiri bioweapon, perhaps?
Visiri Super Capital Ship Level 9
81,000 gas
1 carbon
Trailing fuel and well-cooked meat, the horrible thing retreats. It would be too much to hope you’ve seen the last of it.

Archenar Level 10/11

Yours is a strength to be reckoned with. You surveil your surroundings, ready for any challenge. 

SHIP INTERUPTION – Wait a minute, this isn’t exploration; this is a pitched battle!
Pirate Super Capital Ship Level 9
12,000 mins
81,000 gas 
Phew. You have got to stop mixing those two things up. 

GROUND INTERUPTION – Prospecting on a mineral-rich desert moon is cut short when armoured troopers storm your position! 
First wave of 7 HP government troop 
Boss 9 HP golden troop 
80,000 mins 
60,000 gas 
How rude; they don’t even have any good stuff! 

A few key locations jump out at you. 

Archenar – Patrol planetary surface. 

Radio chatter indicates something happening on the nearby planet. You assemble an away team. 

GROUND BATTLE – Your team finds a landed smugglers ship, the holds overflowing with rare minerals. The crew of the ship react with hostility to your presence, forcing your hand by opening fire! 
First wave of 8 HP Menga Linuxer/6 HP Medusa 
Second wave of 8 HP Menga Linuxer/6 HP Medusa 
Boss 6 HP bling captain 
85,000 mins 
1 scrap 
That’s one less smuggler to deal with, you guess. You’d be surprised if there weren’t a few more hidden nearby. 

GROUND BATTLE – If there’s one thing you weren’t expecting to see when you landed, it’s the angry mob waiting to ambush you as you leave the lander. 
First wave of 4 HP Collins/Skully 
Second wave of 4 HP Collins/Skully 
Boss 11 HP Maizi 
60,000 gas 
1 carbon 
You repel the attackers, stripping them of useful resources before beating a hasty retreat. Why is nobody ever happy to see you? 

SHIP BATTLE – You don’t even get your lander prepped before proximity alarms start blaring. A ship leaps out of the lower atmosphere, firing wildly at your coordinates! 
Gray Super Capital Ship Level 9 
50,000 gas 
50,000 mins 
With your attacker taken care of, you retreat from your location before you attract any more undue attention. 

Archenar – Patrol asteroid belt

The debris field that accumulates around the star is rich with rare ore. Several mining stations have been set up to harvest the precious minerals, not all of them legal. 

First path – You find an illegal mining station, and command your crew to prepare for boarding. There are two access points. The docking bay is the main entrance, but is heavily guarded. There is also a CO2 vent under the rear bulkhead that may be breached without detection. You examine the blueprints, considering your choices.

GROUND BATTLE – Breach the docking bay – The docking hatch blasts open with thermal detonators. You charge through the breach with loud war cries and lasers firing. The station musters its strongest forces against you.
First wave of 6 HP Government Troop
Second Wave of 6 HP Government Troop
Boss 14 HP Bio Android
50,000 gas
1 Gold
With the crew defeated, you strip the station of resources before taking your leave. No doubt another illegal operation will take its place soon, but it’s a victory for today at least.

GROUND BATTLE – Sneak through the vent – Your team crawls along the ventilation shaft. The air stinks of bad breath and stale sweat. As you kick open a panel into the neighboring passageway, an alarm triggers. The station quickly dispatches its closest guards to move on your location.
First wave of 4 HP Jake/7 HP Government Troop 
Boss 11 HP SCV 
40,000 gas
1 Titanium
You raid the station’s stores before retreating into the void of space. A most lucrative venture!

FREE RESOURCES – Never Mind – On second thought, live and let live. You turn away from the station, and instead spend the day cracking open some asteroids.
35,000 mins

Second path – You ignore the mining stations, delving deeper into the belt. 

(New in July 2019)
SHIP BATTLE – You stumble upon a Federation cruiser, in the process of dismantling an illegal mining facility. Clearly miscalculating you for the station’s owner, they immediately engage!
Federation Super Capital Ship Level 9
72,000 mins
11,000 gas
Overwhelmed by your superior firepower, the Feds seem to forget their mission, and escape into the mapless depths of the belt.

SHIP BATTLE – Oh no! Unbeknownst to you, a Grey mothership has chosen the isolated belt to hide out in. Finding each other amongst the churning stones is a shock to you both. 
Gray Capital Ship Level 8 
71,000 mins 
1 Silicon 
You don’t stop shooting until the psychic murmurs finally die out. With the destruction of another Grey ship, you’ve rendered a service to intelligent life everywhere. 

(Removed in July 2019?)
SHIP BATTLE – You stumble upon a Qtarian vessel clinging like a limpet to the side of [sic] large mineral node. Clearly unwilling to share their find, they immediately engage you! 
Qtarian Dreadnought Level 10 
80,000 mins 
Overwhelmed by your superior firepower, the Qtarians abandon their prize and retreat into the uncharted depths of the belt.

FREE RESOURCES – After a few hours with nothing happening, you decide to call it a day. As your ship distances itself from the belt, you receive a surprise shipment from one of the mining colonies.
30,000 mins
1 Silicon

Archenar – Patrol orbital graveyard. 

A jumble of ruined ships drift in high orbit; a remnant of the pylon wars. A sadly common sight in colonized space. You are surprised as a blip on the scanners indicates a faint motion in the wreckage.

SHIP BATTLE – As you begin a deeper scan, a Qtarian ship blunders from the wreckage with molten metal pouring from its overstuffed jaws. Clearly taken by surprise, they engage you!
Qtarian Dreadnought Level 10
87,600 mins
1 Scrap
With the Qtarian harvester vanquished, its hard-earned mineral resources are yours!

FREE RESOURCES – You are surprised as a blip on the scanners indicate a faint motion in the wreckage. The movement turns out to be the last death throes of an abandoned tanker. Investigating the vehicle, you find it still has some gas left in the tank!
40,000 gas

FREE RESOURCES – You spend several hours patrolling the orbital highways, but unfortunately find nothing out of the ordinary.
500 mins

RARE EVENT – Scans of the wreckage field reveal a hidden space station, running as an illegal synth comfort club. You’ve heard stories of such places, run by renegade synth girls, but never actually seen one before. Illegal, but intriguing!
Attack – SHIP BATTLE – Cube ship. TBDTBDTBD Synth body
Visit as a customer [costs 25 bux] – You decide it would be a good idea to see what this establishment has to offer. Unfortunately, you find out that the club is open only to members. You decide to try your luck sneaking in anyway.
[Cashier]: I haven’t seen you here before…
[You]: Uhh… yeah… See, I was referred by, um, Joe. You know Joe, right?
[Cashier]: Security!!
First wave of 6 HP Sakura/6 HP Vivien
Second wave of 6 HP Sakura/6 HP Vivien
Boss 13 HP Dolores
200 bux
1 Synth Body (this mission can only be completed once)
Not the happy ending you were seeking, but perhaps the one you deserve. At least you got away with a large haul of illicit starbux and some synth bodies.

Procyon Sector Level 9/10

With great strength comes greater challenges. Time to test your mettle.

SHIP INTERRUPTION – And you won’t have long to wait! A pirate jumps right in front of your with weapons firing!
Pirate Super Capital Level 9
50,000 gas
30,000 mins
Woo! What a great way to start the day! *End text may be different depending on how much damage you took.*

GROUND INTERRUPTION – Someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn around to find a team of Federation secret police!
First wave of 5 HP Fed Lisa/4 HP Fed Tony
Boss 5 HP Fed Laura
1 Scrap
You’re really not sure what those guys are doing here. A clerical error, perhaps?

Your first mate asks about your destination.

Procyon – Patrol Planetary Surface

You assemble an away team to investigate the surface of the planet.

GROUND BATTLE – The moment you arrive on the surface, you find yourself drawn into an ambush! Defend yourself!
First wave of 7 HP Dark Matter Hero
Second wave of 7 HP Old Driver
Boss 13 HP Zakian
85,000 gas
1 gold
You beat back your assailants, who scatter and hide. Defeated, at least for now.

FREE RESOURCES – The planet is remarkably serene, its people helpful and polite. After a few hours you leave without any ambushes or assassins at all. Honestly, it’s all a bit creepy.
4,000 mins

FREE RESOURCES – What good fortune! Although you find no trace of civilization, the earth here is rich in precious minerals!
41,000 mins TBDTBDTBD

Procyon – Patrol High Planetary Orbit

You patrol the high traffic areas of the ionosphere, looking for any irregularities.

SHIP BATTLE – It doesn’t take long for trouble to find you. A Qtarian destroyer jumps into view and begins to fire indiscriminately on everything around it.
Qtarian Dreadnought Level 10
52,000 gas
1 medium mineral crate
You destroy the rogue vessel, much to the relief of several nearby civilian vehicles.

SHIP BATTLE – What’s this? That civilian ship is speeding in a residential zone! You charge weapons and give chase.
Federation Super Capital Level 9
65,000 gas
2 silicon
The civilian falls easily to your unbridled might. After that, everyone begins to give you a wide berth.

FREE RESOURCES – Minutes turn to hours as you patrol the region, waiting in vain for something — anything! — to happen. After a long day of boredom, you reluctantly retire with nothing but a few scraps of gas siphoned from the atmosphere.
30,000 gas

Procyon – Investigate Space Hulk

You turn your attention to a disused space station in orbit around a nearby gas giant. Who can fathom what sorts of villanies are afoot in its decaying walls?

GROUND BATTLE – You find a ragtag band of misfits on a journey of friendship and self-discovery. Needless to say, you come to blows near immediately.
First wave of 7 HP Witch/9 HP Silver Paladin
Second wave of 7 HP Witch/9 HP Silver Paladin
Boss 10 HP Visiri Alchemist
90,000 mins
You can’t help but feel a bit bad; those guys clearly had a good thing going. At least they had some good loot on them!

GROUND BATTLE – You open the bay doors of the station to see several hundred smugglers freeze guiltily in place. A few engage you whilst the rest scatter like rats.
First wave of 4 HP Bonnie Blacktooth/4 HP Mabel Mayhem
Second wave of 4 HP Bonnie Blacktooth /4 HP Mabel Mayhem
Boss 7 HP First Mate
90,000 mins
2 scrap
You defeat the smugglers to find the rest have vanished. Next time, you vow inwardly.

FREE RESOURCES – As might be expected for a long-abandoned structure, there are no signs of life beyond your own. After exploring a few rooms, you stumble upon a forgotten cache of gas canisters. Score!
75,000 gas

Lacaille Level 8/9

Jumping to destination. Scanning space for anything of interest…

SHIP INTERRUPTION – Look out! An assassin ship is coming right at us!
Federation Capital Ship Level 7
39,000 gas
51,000 mins
Phew! Is nowhere safe?

GROUND INTERRUPTION – Some marauders have snuck on board. Defend yourself!
First wave of 8 HP Boarder Droid III
Boss 9 HP Boarder Droid IV
61,000 mins
1 scrap
Nice going, captain! Crisis averted.

Scans show us a few choices, captain.

Lacaille – Patrol Asteroid Field

Honestly, it’s not right to call it an asteroid field, as there are only two rocks in it. One looks substantially harder than the other.

Visit rock – GROUND BATTLE – You land on the rock. Whoops! Looks like someone had the same idea you did!
Boss 4 HP Astronaut
80,000 gas

Fly to the hard place – SHIP BATTLE – You approach the hard place, but accidentally bump into another ship. Furious, they prepare to fight!
Visiri Super Capital Level 9
43,000 gas
You blast your aggressor out of the sky, and harvest the fuel spilling from their ruptured tanks. Success!

Never Mind – FREE RESOURCES – On second thoughts, that is a silly place to visit. You decide to spend your time elsewhere.
0 mins/gas

Lacaille – Patrol Hypergate Portal

You take a little jaunt down to the hypergate. If anything is happening, it’s probably happening here.

GROUND BATTLE – You aren’t ten minutes into your patrol when alarms start to go off. Some ruffians have invaded your ship!
First wave of 4 HP Gentleman/3 HP Omar
Boss 4 HP Rob
80,000 gas
1 scrap
Why does this keep happening? Honestly, this has completely wrecked your plans for the day.

SHIP BATTLE – What is this? Strange murmurs assault your mind as a Grey saucer jumps into the system. You charge your weapons, desperate to halt their psychic assault!
Gray Super Capital Ship Level 9
56,000 mins
2 silicon
As the Grey ship crumples, soothing silence falls once again. Man, what is with those guys!?

SHIP BATTLE – Your ship is spotted by a Federation patrol. Clearly they mistake you for someone else, because they open fire without so much as a word!
Federation Super Capital Ship Level 9
49,000 mins
37,000 gas
You shoot the Federation patrol out of the sky. Well, if you weren’t who they were after before, you will be now!

FREE RESOURCES – TBDTBDTBD does this exist for this choice?

Lacaille – Patrol Orbital Junkyard

The system is home to dozens of derelict space stations and shipyards, forgotten remains of the long-past Pylon wars. The empty megastructures are a popular haven for smugglers and other ne’er-do-wells.

FREE RESOURCES – Wow! It only takes a few minutes of searching to find an abandoned mineral freighter, its hold still full with its last shipment.
40,000 mins
1 carbon

In the distance you spot an illicit gas refinery station. A battleship stands guard, but you’re confident that a landing shuttle could sneak by unnoticed.

Quietly Warp Away – FREE RESOURCES – You warp away quietly. Everyone is safe and happy.
0 mins/gas

Send Away Team to Investigate – GROUND BATTLE – Perhaps unsurprisingly, the station is manned by a number of visirians, none of whom are please to see you!
First wave of 5 HP Visiri Capt’n/6 HP Medusa
Second wave of 5 HP Visiri Capt’n/6 HP Robot
Boss 11 HP Visiri Alchemist
100,000 gas

Engage Station – SHIP BATTLE – You approach the station and advise them to prepare for boarding. The battleship doesn’t like that much, and says as much with a hail of laser-fire.
Pirate Super Capital Ship Level 9
70,000 gas
With their defender out of commission the harvester surrenders immediately, cooperating as you fill your tanks.

Ross Level 7/8

Tread carefully, this sector holds no shortage of trouble.

SHIP INTERRUPTION – Careful! Our systems show an approaching belligerent!
Gray Capital Ship Level 8
46,000 gas
Hostiles destroyed, captain!

GROUND INTERRUPTION – Your day is ruined with the arrival of a squadron of evil robots. To arms!
First wave of 9 HP Defender Droid II/3 HP Service Droid II/2 HP Service Droid I
Second Wave of 9 HP Defender Droid II/3 HP Service Droid II/2 HP Service Droid I
Boss 4 HP Service Droid III
27,400 mins
2 scrap

Your first mate asks you to plot a course.

Ross – Investigate Abandoned Station

You approach an abandoned space station, the ‘Altair Star.’ The station should have been empty for decades, but lights inside suggest some new activity within.

FREE RESOURCES – Oh my goodness, a fancy dress ball! What are the chances of finding one here? You dance the night away, and are showered with gifts by the mysteriously masked dancers.
5 bux

TBDTBDTBD – more options here right?

Ross – Patrol Hypergate Portal

You decide to spend a little time around the hypergate system, watching for anything of note to happen.

SHIP BATTLE – Your peaceful traffic-watching is interrupted by the appearance of a hostile Visiri battleship. As the strongest vessel around, you find yourself first in its line of fire!
Visiri Destroyer Level 5
27,000 mins
27,000 gas
You beat back the rampaging Visirian with minimal damage to the civilian population. Wonderful!

FREE RESOURCES – You spend several hours guarding the portal before it becomes clear that nobody is going to try and fight you. You depart shortly thereafter, a little bit insulted.
4,000 gas

TBDTBDTBD – more options?

Ross – Patrol Planetary Surface

You decide to get your boots on the ground, and see what’s what.

GROUND BATTLE – Oh no, it turns out the inhabitants of the planet are hostile! Such rotten luck!
Boss 14 HP Squid
20,000 mins
1 carbon

FREE RESOURCES – You had high hopes for this expedition, so are a bit let down to find nothing but sand.
3,000 mins

You come across the half-buried body of a crashed spaceship. It looks like its been here for centuries. You couldn’t say precisely what it is, but something about it creeps you out…

Check it out! – FREE RESOURCES – You aren’t afraid of no ghosts! You assemble a team to go inside the wreck. Disappointingly, the only signs of life onboard are some bats who have taken up residence in the engine room. You collect what little goods have yet to rot away and take your leave.
20,000 mins
21,000 gas

Check it out! – GROUND BATTLE – ….
Boss 12 HP Alien Queen
XYZ mins
XYZ gas
1 silicon

Leave – FREE RESOURCES – On deeper consideration, maybe a spooky- looking wreckage isn’t the best place to spend your afternoon.
0 mins/gas

Kapteyn’s Star Level 6/7

Careful.. this area of space is increasingly hostile. First officer on watch…

SHIP INTERRUPTION – Another corporate shuttle tries to sneak under your radar. Not so fast, little cashcow!
Dropship Level 1
35,000 gas
5 bux
Quick, easy, and only moderately immoral. Lovely.

TBDTBDTBD – ground interruption?

A few destinations catch your eye.

Kapetyn – Patrol Orbital Supercity

The gas giant of this system hosts a number of orbital stations, home to all manner of peoples. Picking one at random, you prepare to check it out.

GROUND BATTLE – A familiar metallic shrieking sends a shiver down your spine. This station has been invested by (you guessed it) evil robots!
First wave of 4 HP Service Droid III
Second wave of 4 HP Service droid III/10 HP Defender droid III
Boss 11 HP Mecha
20,000 gas
19,000 mins

TBDTBDTBD – more options?

Kapteyn – Patrol Hypergate

The hypergate shimmers like a glassy lake, promising new horizons to explore.

GROUND BATTLE – Look out! A team of merciless mercenaries has snuck onboard your ship, intent on claiming the bounty on your head.
First wave of 5 HP Ninja
Boss 8 HP Government Troop
20,000 gas
1 scrap

FREE RESOURCES – Regrettably, nothing much is going on around these parts today. You patrol the area for a few hours before you get thirsty and decide to retire for the day.
100 gas

Kapteyn – Investigate Gas Giant

Strange objects dip and dive through the opaque gases of the gas giants upper atmosphere. You gun your engines to take a closer look.

SHIP BATTLE – You find a Qtarian cruiser lurking amongst the clouds, siphoning off the planet’s precious gases. Unwilling to surrender it harvest, it powers up weapons to engage!
Qtarian Destroyer Level 6
39,000 gas
Beaten into submission, the Qtarian ejects its cargo pods and flees deeper into the planet’s atmosphere.

SHIP BATTLE – Look out! A pirate smuggler is hiding amongst the clouds, and opens fire the moment you come within range.
Pirate Destroyer Level 5
15,500 mins
The damaged ship’s engines ignite the atmosphere, and it explodes in a giant fireball. You gather up the chunks and take your leave.

Barnard’s Star Level 5/6

We travel further into the universe… scanning nearby space..  

SHIP INTERRUPTION – Man, there sure are a lot of pirates in this part of the universe. Like this one, for example.
Pirate Destroyer (Light) Level 4
13,000 minerals
7,000 gas
That’s one less to deal with later. You’d be surprised if you ever saw the end of them, though.  

SHIP INTERRUPTION – A corporate shuttle hurries by, stores laden with loot. You doubt anyone will miss it…
Dropship level 1
14,000 minerals
5 starbux 
Ah, success! The secret ingredient is crime. 

We travel further into the universe… scanning nearby space.. We’re registering activity on a few fronts, captain  

Barnard’s Star – Investigate Planetoid

Your sensors read life signs on a desolate planetoid nearby. You resolve to go check it out.  

GROUND BATTLE – Surprise! It’s evil robots! Again! 
First wave of 2 HP service droids
Second wave 2 HP service droids
Boss 4 HP service droid
10,000 gas
9,000 minerals

GROUND BATTLE – A vile Grey abductor has set up a laboratory here. It seems pleased to see you; clearly it has need of more test subjects. Watch out for that probe! 
First wave 6 HP Area51 Alien/ Medusa
Boss 6 HP Medusa
10,000 gas
1 carbon 

Barnard’s Star – Patrol Hypergate Portal

The overpopulated highways leading up to the hypergate never disappoint for drama. You give the order to check it out.

SHIP BATTLE – A pirate heavy destroyer muscles into the line nearby. It doesn’t look like it’s here to make friends. Especially not with you.
Pirate Destroyer (Heavy) level 6
13,500 minerals
You don’t stop firing til the ships reactors have turned into molten slag. Conveniently, this makes for a mineral- rich salvage!  

SHIP BATTLE – You initially think nothing of the federation cruiser that pulls up alongside you, at least until it opens It looks like its been hijacked!
Federation Destroyer (Medium) level 5
12,500 Gas
You eliminate the hijackers, and locate the original crew tied up in the hold They are extremely thankful for the rescue, and gift you their gas stores. 

Alpha Centauri Level 4/5

We’re a long way from home… who knows what’s out here? Let’s see what we can find…  

SHIP INTERRUPTION – Uh oh! It looks like you’ve put yourself right in the path of a Visiri war frigate. They do not look happy to see you.  
Visiri Frigate (Heavy) level 3
8,500 minerals
The Visiri might be lunatics, but damn if they don’t carry some good loot.  

SHIP INTERRUPTION – A little blip on your radar resolves into a corporate dropship chugging by. Surely the megacorporations won’t miss one or two, right?
Dropship level 1
9,000 minerals
5 starbux
Ah, crime; the easiest way to success! 

Where to, captain?  

Alpha Centauri – Investigate Space Hulk  

An abandoned carrier drifts here, its origins lost to the ages.  

GROUND BATTLE – Oh gross! This old ship is crawling with bugs! Weirdly huge, weirdly mean bugs!
First wave of 3 HP Roach
Boss 3 HP Roach
5,000 gas
1 Scrap  

FREE RESOURCES – You must be the first person to happen across this old wreck, because you find its holds bulging with minerals.
6,000 minerals
1 carbon  

Alpha Centauri – Visit Gas Giant

Hundreds of stations orbit this system’s gas giant, siphoning rare elements from the roiling atmosphere.  

FREE RESOURCES – Nothing much seems to be going on, so you take the opportunity to top off your tanks.
3,000 gas

SHIP BATTLE – A Grey saucer descends to refill its gas stores. When it spots you, it immediately begins hostile maneuvers.
Gray Frigate (Heavy) level 3
6,000 gas
The ship’s engines give out, and it falls to its demise.

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