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This guide is dedicated to the mobile game Pixel Starships. PSS is a fun ship-building and combat game – imagine Clash of Clans with the combat from Faster Than Light. You can recruit crew to your ship with various abilities and level them up to make them stronger. Also, you can choose what weapons you’ll have on your ship and where to allocate your precious power. During battle, you can manually control both rooms and crew, but the signature feature of the game is the ability to use AI to control both rooms and crew. You can automatically make your crew repair rooms when they are damaged, and have your lasers target specific rooms on the enemy ship while your missiles target something else. The possibilities are endless which makes PSS a very engaging and interesting game! This guide will provide all the information you need to be a star captain.

If you’re just starting out, check out the Beginner’s Guide!

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This guide was created by Rigging in 2019, and maintained by Bril since May 2021.

New Guides

Crew Cards – March 19, 2020
These cards show useful stats on every crew in the game, along with what roles the crew can best fulfill on your ship. Look here for the best rated crew for each role!

Advanced Crew Training January 8, 2020
This guide by steve.nonego explains how to use fatigue to reduce the secondary stats that come through training. If you have maxed training research and gym this guide is for you!

Multi-RushOctober 9, 2019
This guide is an advanced tutorial on ION, Hangar, and Teleport multi-rush strategies, with and without cloak. If you have 100% rushers and a good understanding of basic AI, give this a try!

Helpful Links

  • PixelStarships.com – Main site, primary function is to purchase missed daily sales
  • PSS Blog – Official blog about game updates and new events
  • PSS Discord – Discord server with active community for discussing PSS
  • Pixyship Ship Builder – Layout tool to model your ship
  • Pixel-Prestige – Helpful tool for figuring out what crew can be prestiged from your current crew
  • PSS Wikia – Wiki containing all the factual information on PSS (This site stopped being updated in 2019)

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