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So you have a teleport! Time for some shenanigans. Well-executed boarders can absolutely wreak havoc on an opponent’s ship. Just remember that your boarders will have a slight delay before they can attack or use most abilities on the enemy ship. Defenders will hit you first! Once you’re on board the enemy ship and moving around, the crew that is entering a room will use their ability before a crew that is stationary in the room. This gives your roaming crew a slight advantage.

Board reactors 

To start, have your boarders attack the enemy reactors. While reactors are not a good target for guns, a boarder can destroy the high health reactor in only three or four attack actions.

1) Ability commands 
2) Enemy reactor HP greater than 0% – target condition room 

Board shield 

If you have strong crew, boarding the enemy shield can also be very effective, because if the SHL room is destroyed, any active shield goes away. This can be incredibly potent at the beginning of a battle. However, this tactic is less used at higher levels because you can’t control whether your crew ports into the SHL or SB, so half of the time your first boarders hit the SB and do not take down the shield.

Board teleport 

Boarding teleport is a common strategy for boarding ships to fight other boarding ships. One successful poison gas ability in the opponent’s teleport room will severely weaken all of their boarders. If they don’t have a teleport, you can ago after reactors instead. To protect against your opponent teleporting into your teleport, station a critical attack crew there.

1) Ability command 
2) Enemy teleport greater than 0% – target condition room
3) Enemy reactor greater than 0% – target condition room


Boarding reactors alone will be sufficient for a few ship levels, if you have drawn some good 3* boarders. After that, you’ll find that mines take a toll on your crew health, and defender crew can whittle down your crew. Also, your crew can die by running through security gates. By using a camping AI, you can avoid all of these problems. Your crew will have the first swing at enemy crew because they are stationary in the first room they teleport to. This is essentially focus fire AI for crew.

1) Ability commands 
2) Enemy ship has full shield – target enemy reactor 

If you want to be sneaky, you can combine the roaming and camping AI. Have your crew camp for the first part of the battle, so that they burn through the opponent’s crew who come to repair, and then roam in order to do as much damage as possible. Add this as command 3 to the AI above. 

3) Enemy ship HP less than 75% – target enemy reactors 

Increase Experience Gain

Crew only get half experience if they survive a battle, and sometimes your boarders will lag behind your other crew because they die so often. In addition to the AI listed above, you can always add a command below the ability command like “Your HP less than 25% – target your reactor”. This will send your crew back to a safe room on your ship when they are severely damaged, so that they survive the battle and get XP. Remove this command when the crew reaches max level (40).

This can also be used if your crew has a really high weapon stat, and you want them to return to man a laser (“Your HP less than 25% – Target your laser room”). You can get some use out of them after they’ve taken some damage while boarding.

Avoid sec gates (py3) 

Every so often, if you are boarding your crew will get absolutely trashed by poor pathing and well placed security gates. With this AI, you can make your crew camp when there are sec gates, but roam when there are none. 

1) Ability command 
2) Enemy ship has full shield – target enemy teleport
3) Enemy ship has full shield – target enemy reactor
4) Enemy sec gate HP greater than 0% – Continue current job
5) Enemy reactor HP greater than 0% – target condition room 

Bouncy boarding (py3) 

Bouncy AI makes your crew teleport back to your ship after they destroy a room. It’s like a roaming AI that tries to destroy many rooms, but totally avoids security gates. It also usually avoids defenders and repairers- your crew pops in to destroy a room and disappears before they can be attacked. It’s great for preserving crew health if you have a limited number of boarders, or extending the life of your last boarders. Try having your first three boarders camp, and the next three bounce.

1) Ability command 
2) Current HP less than 25% – continue current job (this is used to avoid porting back a nearly dead crew. I want to use teleport charges on healthy crew if possible)
3) Target room destroyed – target your teleport
4) Target room destroyed – target your reactor (just in case teleport is full, crew will still come back to your ship)
5) Enemy cannon HP greater than 0% – target condition room 
6) Enemy reactor HP greater than 0% – target condition room 

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