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Congrats on downloading Pixel Starships, one of the finest mobile games. It’s like Clash of Clans with the battle mechanics of Faster Than Light (an amazing rogue-like space combat game). You pilot a ship through galaxies and fight other player’s ships for resources. It’s not pay-to-win, though you can advance faster with real money.

Whenever I start a new game, I want a guide that explains two things: what I wish I had known from day one, and what I shouldn’t do to screw up my ship in the long term. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place!

Things you should know on day one:

  1. Link your account. To avoid losing all the progress on your account if your phone dies, make sure to associate it with an email in the settings page (hammer icon). This email and password you create can also be used to log on to and purchase previous daily sales, for a small markup.
  2. Collect dropship loot. Two dropships come by every day, a green one and a blue one. On the blue dropship, the first compartment is free so collect it every day. For the other items, just try to buy the items you can buy with gas or minerals for now.
  3. Join a fleet! Once you reach level 4 you can build a fleet council and join a fleet. Fleets allow you to borrow crew, share AI, grow your knowledge of the game, and you can collect a small amount of bux from the fleet starbase each day.
  4. Focus fire shield. AI is tough to learn, but is the most rewarding parts of Pixel Starships. For now, set all your weapons with first command “None, increase power by one” and second command “None, target enemy shield”. For more details, read intro to room AI and focus fire.
  5. Cheap hero crew. Once you research “beer draw” from the lab, you’ll have more options for crew draws. Your first 3+ draw for bux will be a hero crew! Do this draw, and then worry about other crew.
  6. Learn ship design. Ship design is quite a puzzle. The most important things are to keep all your rooms with HP (green bars) accessible and connected, and to provide armor to your rooms with low HP. Read more here.
  7. Qtarian ships have the most space. Qtarian is the best choice for a starting faction, though it’s not the end of the world if you choose fed or pirate. Also, at level 10 you can purchase ships from other races (though never other factions).

Things to avoid to keep your long-term options open:

  1. Don’t rush. Rushing means upgrading to the next ship level too quickly. It will slow down your progress in Pixel Starships because you’ll constantly be fighting higher level ships with higher levels rooms and crew. Before you advance to the next ship, ensure that
    1. All rooms are upgraded to the max level. This includes armor and lifts!
    2. Crew leveled up to four times your ship level. For example, crew level 24 for a level 6 ship.
    3. Most researches are done in the lab, at least the ones that are needed for your strategy.
  2. Don’t drop trophies. Matchmaking in Pixel Starships is done mostly by ship level, and not by trophies. This means you only hurt yourself dropping trophies by purposefully losing – you’ll encounter generally the same ships, and you’ll get a lower league bonus for each win.
  3. Don’t train crew yet. Don’t worry about training crew in the gym and academy until you read through this. The short reason is that you’ll have access to better trainings later, and crew only have a limited amount they can train.
  4. Lock your crew with the lock button. Throwing out a high level crew is traumatic. Spare yourself the anguish by pressing the lock button in the crew profile for crew you want to keep.
  5. If you are going to spend real money, get the subscription. The subscription is very little per month, and gives good bonuses. The 50% extra resources ensures that you can always keep rooms upgrading, and the 50% extra XP keeps your crew at maximum level. If you are going to buy starbux, wait for good sales. Generally fleets will have someone comment on the quality of the sale each day.

Now get to it!

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